“Simple Sleeveless Top by Lauren Guthrie” pattern & book review

For this first book and pattern review, I though to create the “Simple Sleeveless Top” featured in the popular Laurie Guthrie book “Learn to sew with Laurie”.

I decided to choose one of the most simple projects as this is a book centrated on learning and while Kate is an experienced seamstress, I am still a beginner, so this review is written with this view and level in mind.

The book itself is nice, the techniques are in my opinion well illustrated. The patterns are many, and they space from homeware to cloths and gifts and it was quite easy to follow and understand.

If you are interested in buying the book you can find it on Amazon.

But I did come upon an issue while creating the first clothing related project from this book: the sizes. Something has gone quite wrong, as they are all smaller than what they should be, at least for the sleeveless top project, but probably if there is this issue for this simple pattern all the other dress patterns might share the same fate.
A size 16 is in reality a quite tight 14, and this applies to most sizes. They are all a very tight fit, the seams are not sufficient to make it fit in a becoming way on most body types, I am between a 14 and a 16 in all patterns I have created up until now, Kate is between a 12 and a 14, This top did not fit neither of us. The seam allowance in my opinion should of been a little more abundant too. So keep in mind to double and triple check the sizes and go for at least two larger than what you would normally do.

I chose a fabric I bought on Liberty during the sales. It has lovely apples in Black white, light green and grey. The cutting and transferring of the pattern was really simple, and so was the sewing. I have been lazy and just applied the binding on the collar and sleeves and finished the hem with the overlocker.

So, would I recommend this book? If you are a beginner and you are after techniques and clear instructions, this is a good book, The patterns for homeware and gifts are fine. But the ones on the cloths might have issues, I am not saying they all do, as I only tried one, but they might, so plan carefully.


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