I “HEART YOU” oven glove!








I love cooking! And I like nothing more than all the little things that make a kitchen feel like a warm and loved place in my home.
So this little pattern is lovely to make for your own house or as a gift, and really quick too! I hope you will enjoy it!

What you need

  • 2 or 4 Fat quarters that coordinate well together
  • Insulated wadding
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Bias Binding
  • Pattern

Download the pattern and print the same sheet twice, From the first sheet cut out the whole heart, from the second sheet the two half hearts.







Place the full heart on top of the insulated wadding pin it down nicely, cut out a wadding heart, repeat and make another one so that you now have two insulated wadding hearts. Now do the same for the fabric you want for the front and the back of the heart, you should then have two full heart fabric hearts. With an erasable fabric pen, take the fabric heart you want to have visible on the outside and trace 2.5 cm squares. Pin this traced heart to the 1 of insulated wadding heart sheets and sew the lines to create a “patchwork” effect.









Cut out the half hearts from the pattern, take one of the two half hearts and follow the same procedure you did for the first heart with 2 pieces of fabric and 1 of wadding, but there is no need to “patchwork” these unless you really want to!
Apply bias binding to the straight edges of the heart halves, and prepare some to be used as a small hanging fabric hook, roughly 4 cm will be more than sufficient, sew the sides close to prepare it








Then make a small layered cake, from the bottom to the top it should be layered and pinned as follows:
1) The single full heart shaped insulated wadding left ,
2) The patch work heart,
4) The fabric hook pinned on the side
5) The flaps
6) at the very top, what should become the back of the heart








Sew this little cake together with a 1 cm allowance, but do not close the heart completely, you need to turn it inside out! Before doing so though, make small cuts along the edge of the excess fabric. You only need to close the little hole in the heart, I suggest using a Ladder stitch to do so, as it will be invisible! And voilà! Your bellissimo Heart shaped oven Glove is done!

If you are wondering where to get a Fabric erasable pen, this is the one I use!




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